Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Confessions of a Slacker (and OneNote Niftiness)

A quick update on DPGA and this blog...

For those following this blog, I've been qujiet for a couple of weeks.  One reason for this is that I've been setting up a SQL Server blog over at, where I'm doing a series of posts on querying metadata for fun and productivity.  The other reason is that I have been working on building user story cards for the DPGA application.  

As an aside, I've been building the DPGA story cards using Microsoft's OneNote application, which lends itself nicely to this kind of relatively ad hoc documentation.  It's possible to create OneNote post templates containing preconfigured content (which I've done), so that each time you create a new note within a given section it is based on an existing note.  The net result looks something like this:

Is it not nifty?  I just click "New Page" and I get a clean pre-formatted template and can populate data directly into the table.

The DPGA app is fairly complex (lots of different TYPES of functionality), so building user stories isa relatively time consuming process. Anyone who wants to help out by building story cards is more than welcome to do so. Just leave a comment with an email address I can hit you back on and I'll set you up with access to the one-note repository on the DPGA project site. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the design of the tool.

Once I've got all the user stories worked out, I'll publish a "project backlog" (basically a list of user stories to be implemented) and will work through the priorities.  Once that's done, I can start working with code!

Until then - Code Well and Code Often!

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